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The Youth Craft Project in association with DEKAL Wireless is thrilled to congratulate the following youngsters on their winning portraits:

1st place - Lowen Allen II ( Jose Marti Technical High School - 15 years)

2nd Place - Alexis Falloon ( Camperdown High School - 17 years)

3rd Place - Anthony Smith ( Knox College - 16years)

7th-9th Grade Winner -

Anna Kaye Smikle ( Knox College - 13 years)

Special Needs -

Mikel Anderson - ( The Academy - 17 years)

DEKAL Wireless thanks all participants for your submissions, looks forward to your progress as you develop and encourages all to keep being creative. We also look forward to participation in the next instalment of The Youth Craft Project.


The Art

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Self Portrait

by Drew-Moya Earle

self portrait

by Britney Brown

Self Portrait

by Tyshaun Johnson

Self Portrait

by Stefonie Barrows

Self Portrait

by Mikayla Gayle

Self Portrait

by Marcena Britton

Self Portrait

by Britanie Williams

shattered but not broken

by Rajay Robinson

Self Portrait

by Oshane Edwards

self portrait

by Sheree Dickens

self portrait

by Romario Davis


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